Web Tech Newsletter - September 2023

Welcome to fall! In this month's newsletter, we explore the State of HTML survey, new elements, and an AI tool.

Web Tech Newsletter - September 2023

State of HTML 2023 Survey

I highly encourage anyone reading this to go ahead and take the new State of HTML survey. Not only will your responses be used by browsers for roadmap prioritization, but you'll also get a personalized reading list of all the new features in the web platform for later exploration. Go take it after you're finished reading this newsletter!

State of HTML 2023
Take the State of HTML survey

Safari 17.0

I covered the beta version of Safari 17 back in July, and it is now available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The two headline features are the <search> and <popover> elements. Keep in mind, however, that both are not fully part of baseline yet.

WebKit Features in Safari 17.0
Today’s the day for Safari 17.0.

Priority Hints

Did you know that you can signal to the browser which network requests are high priority? This excellent blog post breaks down the priority hints feature and when to use it for loading assets and in fetch requests.

Get All That Network Activity Under Control with Priority Hints
The browser is very good at prioritizing resources requests on its own. But it’s not always great. Priority hints makes it easy to provide explicit instructions as to how and in what network activity occurs.

CSS Subgrid

Although not yet widely supported, CSS subgrid is making its way onto the web to solve the problem of having nested grid layouts. Today, children of grid elements display in normal flow, making it difficult to line up nested grid items with the parent.

CSS Subgrid
Subgrid enables grid shareability, allowing nested grids to align to ancestors and siblings.

In Case You Missed It...

This month, I'm starting a new section of the newsletter dedicated to a couple of my favorite stories from the wider web development world. Enjoy!


Billed as "Midjourney for React", v0.dev is an AI tool you can use to generate UI using React and Tailwind with shadcn/ui from a simple prompt. It's currently in private alpha, but you can explore the showcase to see what others have generated. I think the coolest feature is the ability to regenerate and iterate on a specific piece of the UI instead of the whole. Definitely a game changer for quickly spinning up new UI.

v0 by Vercel
Generate UI with simple text prompts. Copy, paste, ship.

Bun v1.0

The new all-in-one JS runtime, Bun, released version 1.0 during September. There has been a ton of buzz around this project, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here. I'm especially interested to see the path this project takes as a business providing hosting to JS apps.

Bun 1.0 | Bun Blog
Bun is stable and ready for production.

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