Web Tech Newsletter - October 2023

Happy Halloween! In this edition of the Web Tech Newsletter, I cover some new releases of popular React meta-frameworks, a fun favicon service, and more.

Web Tech Newsletter - October 2023

Photoshop on the Web

This fascinating article details the techniques and technologies used to deliver Adobe Photoshop to the web. It includes explanations on how Web Assembly, web components, and Tensorflow.js are used to create the app. I love seeing real-world case studies of these bleeding edge web technologies!

Photoshop is now on the web!
Enabled by WebAssembly, Web Components + Lit, Service Workers + Workbox & new Web APIs. Chrome & Adobe enjoyed collaborating on this…

Next.js 14 and Remix v2

In the React meta-framework world, Next.js and Remix both released new major versions in October. Additionally, Remix recently updated to use Vite in the build system. I personally prefer Remix's host-agnostic, web standards focused approach and have enjoyed using it in a few personal projects.

Next.js 14
Next.js 14 includes included performance, stability for Server Actions, a new course teaching the App Router, and more.
Remix v2
The second major release of Remix is stable today.

Valtown v3

Described by Wes Bos as "serverless functions meets MySpace", Valtown has released v3 with better reliability and enhanced support for web standards. Check out their use-cases page for ideas on things to build!

Introducing Val Town v3
Shipping later this month, Val Town v3 is faster, simpler, and more reliable. It comes packed with long-requested features and bug fixes:


This is a fun service that, if nothing else, will change the way you think about favicons. Set your favicon url to zany with some parameters, and you'll get a fun favicon with emoji or text. I don't see myself using this in a real project, but it's certainly a good time to play around with.

zany 🤪 easy, free & configurable hosted favicons
easy, free & configurable hosted favicons