Build and Deploy a Node App with Docker

How many times have you deployed your app that was working perfectly in your local environment to production, only to see it break? Whether it was directly related to the bug or feature you were working on, or another random issue entirely, this happens all too often for most developers. Errors like…

Build a Universal JavaScript app

June 18th at 8:14am

In this article, we will walk through how to write a universal (or isomorphic) JavaScript app. But first, let's talk through what a universal JavaScript application is, and why it is such an exciting concept.

What is a Universal JavaScript app?

To put it simply, a universal JavaScript app is an appl…

Introduction to Containers with Docker

May 19th at 2:14pm

This is an introductory post to containers and Docker. This post is for you if you are completely new to containerization, or have heard of Docker and are wondering what all the buzz is about.

What are containers?

A container is the term used for technology at the OS level that creates a modified ru…

Overview of the dotnet-cli

April 11th at 5:34pm

If you have been using .NET Core or ASP.NET Core beta, you've probably made friends with dnvm, dnu, and dnx. These are the command line tools used to build and run .NET applications. It's a bit confusing that there are three different commands though, isn't it?

dnu is the Microsoft .NET Development…

Be An Engineer Not A User

October 20th at 5:34pm

It’s a wonderful time to be a software developer. The opportunities are abundant and the languages, frameworks, and tooling we use to do our jobs are amazing thanks in large part to our collaborative efforts in the open source world.

One negative aspect I see of this proliferation of excellent libra…